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Replace Manual Market Research

Analyze Market
Intelligence at Scale

See how to apply AI to your most critical market research tasks.

Rehinged AI

Use Cases

Gain market intelligence faster, and remove unconscious human bias that still exists.

Trend Monitoring and Evaluation
Identify important trends in business or consumer markets before they become mainstream.
Competitor Monitoring
See how the market views your competition, relative to your brand, on the topics that are important to you.
Target Market Identification
Identify and evaluate what’s occurring in different markets, to decide if you should enter them - now or in the future.
Lead Generation
Identify businesses and specific contacts that are the right fit for your brand.
Large-Scale Article Summation
Instead of reading hundreds of articles that can take days or weeks, have our AI summarize them for you.
Product Comparison
View market feedback on how products rank on various topics.
Brand Positioning
See how the market views your brand, in near real time, on the things that are most important to your brand.
Product Feature Comparison
For a specific type of product, view what features are most important to the market.
Market Segmentation
Learn what businesses fit specific segmentation criteria.
Market Acceptance
View the sentiment and perception of the market for a product type or feature.
Brand Perception
See how the market views your brand on specific criteria.
Market Simulations
For certain types of markets, access an AI-driven simulation that allows you to test business model changes and view the results after implementation.

Diverse Industry Usage

Company Types

Research firms, investment analysts and every company marketing team can benefit from the platform.

Market Research Firms
We don’t replace market research – we augment it with the power of AI. Gain new market insights, replace manual research and reduce costs. Differentiate your firm and stand out to your clients.
Marketing Agencies
Add AI-driven market intelligence to support your clients’ campaigns. Show a real-time brand positioning matrix, market acceptance modeling and early ROI indicators. Measure customer experience (CX) to compare to your clients’ brand strategy.
Monitor your brands, stay ahead of the trends, generate business leads and give your team the intelligence to design more effective campaigns.
Mergers & acquisitions Firms
Perform market-based due diligence, faster and more effectively, before closing the deal.
Business Consulting
Differentiate your firm by adding AI-driven market intelligence.

Elevate Your Market Data


AI is transforming market research. Learn how it can improve research quality and reduce costs.

Gain real-time positioning for your brand on all of your brand attributes.
Strategy C-Suite
Gain better understanding of your market and competition before making strategic decisions.
Research & Development
Make product development and feature decisions faster with real time market feedback.