Use AI to monitor companies or people and how the media and market and talking about them. Identify early signals of trends, understand market reaction and find investment opportunities. If you’re interested in one of our “coming soon” dashboards, requesting a demo will get you on the early access list.
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AI for Market Intelligence

Fintech Market Intelligence Dashboard

The 2020s will be remembered as the decade that reshapes worldwide finance. The fintech market is currently over $700 billion and growing.

Gain real-time insights on over 100 top fintech insurgents from our AI platform. These are the companies poised to disrupt banking, payments, finance, insurance and wealth management industries.


Real Time Positioning

View real-time positioning of top fintech companies based on key perception metrics such as trust, acceptance and value. Similar to a Gartner Magic Quadrant, these are updated with new content daily which you can view from your account.


Perception Trends Over Time

See how fintechs trend over time for key perception metrics and are affected by market events. Identify market reactions to events and see trends as they’re evolving.



Video Research

Save hours of time by getting a feed of key fintech videos talking about the companies and trends relevant to you. Jump right to the key points to get the content you need, without listening to the entire video. 


Insights That Your Competitors Don’t Have

Our AI platform delivers real time signals about:

  • What fintech companies, such as neobanks and challenger banks, are gaining traction
  • How the market is talking about neobank brands & their products
  • How different segments of the market are responding to these insurgent banks/apps/digital financial products
  • Investment preferences of younger generations
  • The trends in each market category
  • How the startups compare to each other on specific perception metrics


Who It Benefits

The Fintech Dashboard is the first Market Intelligence Dashboard on the Rehinged.AI platform, showcasing the capabilities of our powerful data processing engine and AI models.

The Fintech Dashboard (and our coming dashboards for other industries), enables marketing and sales executives, the C-suite, product managers, investors, analysts and R&D teams to gain market feedback, in real time, at a fraction of the cost of using manual market research.

Executives in banking, finance, insurance wealth management – anyone who can benefit or lose from this coming digital transformation – can access market signals in real time.