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Rehinged Partners with Seena AI to Deliver Real-time Market Intelligence to SaaS Providers and Technology Companies

The pandemic of 2020 accelerated the shift to digital transformation for B2B sales and marketing teams, who were forced to acquire new customers using a new class of intelligent products.

Today, the companies investing in sales intelligence products are outperforming the companies using static lists and scattershot approaches. Low quality targeting data destroys sales conversion rates and increases sales costs.

To solve this problem, Rehinged.AI and Seena AI have partnered to deliver high quality targeting data to the SaaS, On-Premise Software, Professional Services teams and other Technology companies through a new product called SalesPipeline. Leveraging the power of the Rehinged platform, SalesPipeline delivers real-time signals from companies using any type of SaaS platform or technology – either in the cloud or on premise.

“Seena AI’s mission is to deliver best-in-class, pioneering AI technology that conjures new ideas, creates new products, delights users, and differentiates our clients from the competition,” said Majid Abai, CEO of Seena AI. “By partnering with Rehinged, together we can deliver a truly unique product that can dramatically increase the performance of the sales and marketing teams selling B2B technology products and services.”

SalesPipeline monitors the digital signals emitted from organizations in the U.S. that relate to technologies used and organizational initiatives. After a client designs their ideal customer profile, SalesPipeline processes the digital signals in their target market, scores the companies in real time and delivers the signals to their sales and marketing team. This allows them to deliver highly targeted messages to the top companies in their market.

“There is a revolution taking place in transforming sales teams from using static lists into a more advanced software – and SalesPipeline is leading this revolution,” said Gary Koopman, Head of Sales for the SalesPipeline product and a veteran of major technology companies. 

The Rehinged platform powering SalesPipeline monitors trillions of data points, providing customers with access to

  • 10 billion entities (articles, companies, people, discussions)
  • 1+ trillion facts
  • 175 million organizations
  • 4 million startups
  • 537 million news articles
  • 326 million Twitter feeds
  • 146 million people
  • 400 million events
  • 50,000 news sources
  • Many other social media feeds

“By partnering with Seena AI to deliver SalesPipeline, we’re able to dramatically expand the reach of our Rehinged.AI platform to an industry that can gain tremendous value from these signals,” said Jim Sagar, CEO of Rehinged. “The SalesPipeline team brings decades of technology implementation expertise and customer relationships. We’re tremendously excited about this use case for the platform.”

About Rehinged

Rehinged delivers on-demand market intelligence via custom signals about markets, products, sales prospects, competitors, brands and facilities.

Our platform is the first end-to-end AI platform for converting massive amounts of market data into actionable market intelligence. Instead of monitoring click and web activity data, our platform works because we’ve re-engineered the information flow from the bottom up. This delivers unique views into market information, at scale, that replaces manual market research.

About Seena AI

Seena AI Corp is a Los Angeles, CA-based software organization focused on developing and commercializing innovative AI products that solve uber-complex problems for various commercial and government markets.