Use AI to monitor companies or people and how the media and market and talking about them. Identify early signals of trends, understand market reaction and find investment opportunities. If you’re interested in one of our “coming soon” dashboards, requesting a demo will get you on the early access list.
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Oct. 01, 2023

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Oct. 15, 2020
The Difference Between Different Types of Buyer Intent Data
The sales intelligence space is noisy. AI has become a buzzword, with every list building startup touting their use of AI to add phone numbers and email address to contact lists. And most of these con...
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Oct. 07, 2020
Direct Access to Our Custom Sales Intelligence Is Now Available
Rehinged.AI automates B2B sales prospecting by delivering custom buying intent signals, in real time, from the custom data sources that matter most to you. It's customized AI designed just for you....
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Sep. 29, 2020
Early Access to Our Fintech Market Intelligence Dashboard Is Now Available
The Rehinged.AI Fintech Dashboard delivers real-time market intelligence on 100+ top fintech companies poised to disrupt the banking, payments, finance, insurance and wealth management industries arou...
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Jul. 08, 2020
AI in the B2B Sales Playbook
The use of artificial intelligence (AI) is being discussed in many business use cases, with more than 60 AI applications in the marketing field alone. But many sales executives are still hesitant in u...
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Jun. 09, 2020
AI for B2B Sales Lead Generation
The Rehinged.AI platform delivers AI for B2B sales lead generation. Capture signals from the companies who are the best fit, delivered directly to your reps....
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Apr. 09, 2020
AI for COVID-19 Research - Part 2
Rehinged.AI performed the same AI for COVID-19 research using our NLP algorithms and perception metrics, analyzing 30,000+ research papers...
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Mar. 27, 2020
Rehinged.AI Platform Review of the COVID-19 Dataset
The Rehinged.AI platform review of the COVID-19 dataset provides the following takeaways....
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Mar. 12, 2020
How to Evaluate AI for Market Research
Artificial intelligence is transforming market research. Here's a simple 3-step approach on how to evaluate AI for market research....
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Feb. 06, 2020
63 Ways Artificial Intelligence Is Transforming Marketing
Artificial intelligence gives marketers and brands superpowers. Advance your knowledge and capabilities with this list of 63 ways AI can enhance your marketing....
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Jan. 21, 2020
What AI-based Sentiment Analysis Can Tell Us About Fintech and Neobanks
Over the past decade, fintech firms have set out to reinvent banking and financial services. One major market trend is the growth of the neobank, a new type of bank that is 100% digital. Instead of us...
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Dec. 17, 2019
Perception Metrics Explained
One of the ways that the Rehinged.AI platform interprets content at scale is by measuring “perception metrics” on a corpus (text or groups of text). A perception metric can be any noun or adjectiv...
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Dec. 06, 2019
Market Content Sources for the AI Platform
In your demo account, you’ll see examples of different views of real content that Rehinged.AI has interpreted. These are meant to allow you to gain a better understanding of what we deliver to...
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