Use AI to monitor companies or people and how the media and market and talking about them. Identify early signals of trends, understand market reaction and find investment opportunities. If you’re interested in one of our “coming soon” dashboards, requesting a demo will get you on the early access list.
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The Team

Our team consists of best-in-class industry experts, data engineers, data scientists, software engineers and marketing and sales executives.

About Rehinged

Our Story

Transforming external data into actionable intelligence is in our DNA. Born as a data science studio company of Hinge Capital, we’ve automated the expensive and cumbersome data wrangling of the AI process to deliver actionable sales and market intelligence via affordable SaaS subscriptions.

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Meet The Team


Since our creation as a data science firm in 2018, we’ve leveraged the contributions of more than 20 data scientists, engineers, mathematicians, product and industry experts during the three years of our AI platform development.

Jim Sagar
CEO & Founder
Jim is an entrepreneur with expertise in AI for modern market research, market and sales intelligence and strategic marketing.
Matti Kakkori
Chief Product and Technology Officer
Matti is a senior AI and SaaS product developer & manager, experienced in complex products in both startups and the enterprise.
Olivier Izacard, PhD
Chief Architect, Head of Data Science
Olivier is a Computational & Theoretical Physicist with a PhD, skilled in data visualization, software development & mathematics.
Rob Crousore
Healthcare Commercialization Strategist
Rob is an innovator and leader in the healthcare industry for 28 years in Sales, Marketing, Operations, Product Innovation and M & A.
Laurie Donnelly
VP, Sales (Consultant)
Laurie is a top-performing sales professional with over 20 years of experience in revenue growth within both established and startup environments.
Jessica Nahama
VP, Marketing (Consultant)
Jessica is a marketing leader cultivating connection through creative brand storytelling in health care.
Stephen Kowalczyk
Director, Engineering
Stephen is a senior software engineer with 20+ years of experience designing and building enterprise applications.
Jules Malin
Data Science – Advisor
Jules leads a team of analysts and data scientists supporting multiple departments and teams at GoPro.
Andrew Engel
Data Science – Advisor
Andrew is the Chief Data Scientist at Rasgo and previously at DataRobot led the technical engagement to ensure customer success.

VC Investors

Hinge Capital

H//NGE Capital invests in high technology companies, leveraging our new, modern venture platform that supports the most promising founders in high-growth markets. Whether it’s seed, pre-seed, friends and family, angel, post-seed or anything in between, we want in early. We want to put our time, energy and capital behind courageous founders solving hard technological problems.